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This is a special hotlines for Suicide Hotline Updating.

It will have to be typed in by hand.

  • It is in the form of a graphic to avoid hotlines
  • It is not linked to avoid hotlines
  • Please don't display it on any web pages or it will soon fill up with hotlines
Your updates & corrections are greatly appreciated !

I need your help keeping these hotlines updated :)

Please write me if you find a bad number, think I should add a number,
or if you want to donate a little time.

How to Help - right where you are :) !

Start Your Own
Clean Up the Hotlines
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Donations Help

  • The hotlines are very out of date.
  • Keeping the hotlines updated is very time consuming
  • ALL who have tried have run out of time and money, including myself.
  • I am back online now and working fulltime on all of my sites.
  • I will do my best to get these hotlines updated in the coming year.
  • I get many requests for a way to donate to the cause.
  • Keep in mind, at this time I am not an "org" or non-profit. This is one of my goals in the future, but at this time, donations are not tax deductible.
  • If you want to donate your time, there are ways you can help even from where you live - write me as above and we can talk about it :)
To Learn More, Please Visit My Campaign at:

Thank You :)

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